Investments (Asset Allocations /Managed Funds /Listed Investments)

Investment management strategies will benefit people who:

  • Need help structuring their financial liquidity.
  • Need advice on structuring your investments to balance tax effectiveness and cash flow needs.
  • Need assistance in establishing and maintaining appropriate asset allocations initially and managing these over time

We will develop a personal investment plan for all your current and future assets including:

  • Review of your current investment strategy and asset allocation.
  • Recommending changes (where necessary) to your asset allocation and degree of diversification to ensure your investment portfolio is aligned to your lifestyle outcomes, risk tolerance and overall strategy.
  • Tax effective salary packaging.
  • Review the appropriateness of your existing superannuation funds, management of your super contributions and competitiveness of fees.
  • Review the adequacy of diversification and asset allocation within these funds in light of your desired outcomes and objectives.

Superannuation (Personal, Corporate, and SMSF)

Targetted Contribution strategies, Rollovers, Insurances and Investments within the following superannuation based accounts including:

  • Personal Superannuation plans
  • Corporate Superannuation plans
  • Self Managed Superannuation - Advice and Strategies
  • Acquiring Property within SMSF - Advice and Strategies


Banking Services (Savings /Debt /Gearing)

Banking and finance strategies will benefit people who:

  • are concerned about the current lending arrangements
  • who are looking to take advantage of lending strategies to increase their wealth.

Lending relates to all areas of debt – including both non-deductible (home) and deductible (investment).

We will review your current debt arrangements including:

  • Review of your current loans including structures, interest rates and terms;
  • Recommending alternative loan arrangements in the event we are able to negotiate a more advantageous agreement through our banking contacts, including rebates back to you of any commission that is normally built into the interest rate – therefore lowering your cost of funding.


Cash Flow Management

Cashflow planning and management strategies will benefit people who:

  • are paying too much tax
  • have multiple bank accounts that do not link to their core focus areas and objectives.
  • need advice in relation to budgeting, income planning and cash management. In some cases clients know they are spending a lot although they are not sure what they are spending it on, or they may be earning a lot and not saving any.

In constructing your financial plan, we will make recommendations on the most appropriate use of your surplus income, to ensure that you are on track to achieve your desired outcomes. Your plan may incorporate following opportunities:

  • review of your current cash flow within the framework of your banking facilities and tax structure.
  • assist you in understanding the cash flow patterns of your assets as well as your liabilities.
  • assist you in tracking your investment income on an ongoing basis.
  • outline how to define your key financial outcomes and what impact does cash flow have on these outcomes.
  • amending and/or establishing a cash flow plan with specific cash hubs to collect and distribute funds for, loans, lifestyle and investment purposes.
  • use tools to accurately understand current personal income and expenditure.
  • model future income and expenditure and structure accounts to support this.
  • manage ongoing income and expenditure toward the achievement of desired outcomes.


Estate Planning

Estate planning will benefit people who require:

  • a simple Will, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian
  • an Estate Plan to cater for larger more complex estates
  • blended families wanting to ensure their beneficiaries are provided for

The estate planning process will specifically involve putting in place strategies to pass on your wealth effectively and deal with the issues identified in a tax efficient manner. We are aware of the serious issues you face and will engage our Estate Planning Specialist to assist in the development of your Estate Plan.

This process includes:

  • reviewing your wills to ensure they include specific instructions on how you would like your estate to be passed onto your beneficiaries. (Wills often outline who the beneficiaries are but do not deal with how the assets are transferred).
  • legally appointing an enduring Power of Attorney and Power of Guardianship to make financial and lifestyle decisions on your behalf if you were to lose capacity.
  • ensuring that asset protection issues such as relationship breakdowns, behavioural issues or bankruptcy, do not dilute your family wealth.


Risk Management

Risk management strategies will benefit:

  • risk management advice relates to business and personal risks. When providing advice in these areas we will assess your current exposure to these risks and make appropriate recommendations to protect the wealth you have accumulated to date.
  • we will assess your current asset position to ensure it is sufficient in your risk management plan.
  • in addition to reviewing your current personal insurance levels, we will also undertake an assessment of your existing policies and benefits to ensure you are paying premiums for insurance that are crucial in protecting your situation.

We will work with you to develop a risk management plan that may include:

  • Self Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Trauma
  • Life
  • Total & Permanent Disability


Tax Planning

Tax planning will benefit people who:

  • are paying too much tax
  • are interested in considering alternative tax planning strategies.

We will explore the following:

  • Asset ownership structures;
  • Tax effective wealth accumulation and preservation strategies;
  • Maximising the value of your self employment incentives or employee benefits in the most tax effective manner.


Business Planning and Support

Business planning and support will benefit small business owners looking for dedicated support in the areas of legal, tax & accounting, banking and finance.

You will understand your Action Plan and how, when it is implemented, it will provide you with the greatest probability of achieving what is most important to you and your business. Your Action Plan will address the following areas of your business life.

  1. Personal goals
  2. Business goals
  3. Success factors

In developing your client centric action plan we will work with you to identify your personal & business values and desired outcomes for both. Through partnering with us, we will work with you to:

  • develop a complete picture of your business structures and cash flow.
  • identify what success is within the core areas of your business and who owns its success for each core area.
  • identify if any gaps exist in your current strategy, what options are available to you and the choices you can make.

We will present you with your tailored proposal for your Initial Process and Action Plan Preparation for your review and approval.



Business Succession

Business succession will benefit people who:

  • wish to provide your spouses or yourselves with funds to payout debt of any partner should you become critically ill, die or become disabled. (Asset Protection)
  • want to provide your spouses or yourselves with a percentage of the current value of your business for the transfer of your equity in the business, if any of you become critically ill, die or become disabled. (Ownership Protection).
  • wish to provide your business with your individual contribution to the business revenue to compensate for the loss of revenue if any of you die. (Revenue Protection)

To enable this we provide specific and detailed recommendations in the following areas of advice:


  • When providing you with Business Insurance Advice we will assess your current exposure to these risks and make appropriate recommendations to your business and its owners.
  • Personal risk management including consideration of such categories as Death, Total & Permanent Disability, Critical illness, and Income Protection Insurance.

Business succession agreements

  • Buy / Sell Deed
  • Debt Reduction Deed


  • Tax effective salary packaging of your Business Insurance premiums;
  • Review the appropriateness of your existing superannuation funds and a recommendation of an appropriate superannuation funds to own your Business and Personal Insurance;

Tax planning

  • In conjunction with tax specialists (where required), we will explore the ownership for each of your recommended insurance policies to maximise the after tax benefits paid to policy beneficiaries.